“If you want to change the world, change yourself”

BIOCRACIA brings the beauty of nature to your company. Our products adapt to the needs of the modern world and respect all the qualities of the best raw materials. Our fabrics, minimally processed and 100% organic, feel like what they really are, a natural product inspired by nature; and wholly sustainable.

Our 100% organic towels and sheets, for example, which are free of chemicals, respect the skin of our clients. We can design and adapt our products according to the needs of companies.


Bedding (dyed with vegetable dyes / white):
100% organic linen
100% organic cotton poplin


Bathroom (dyed with vegetable dyes / white):
Sets of 100% organic cotton towels (Terry)
Bathrobes (Terry)


The best way to experience the variety and colour of our fabrics is to see them for yourself. Contact us to receive a full catalogue:

BIOCRACIA is based on care of the Earth and the hands that work it. Our 100% organic fabrics are dyed with medicinal plants and are a new way of understanding the textile industry, based on the founding principles of ecology, ethics and sustainability.

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