On November 1st, World Ecology Day is held to raise awareness among the population about environmental care. The objectives are apparently difcult, but together we can do great things. Our customers are helping transform the second most polluting industry on the planet into a new ethical, ecological industrial model and leader in the compliance of Sustainable Development strategies. This seems to us, at the very least, extremely exciting.

On World Ecology Day each year we will promote and boost our international twinning campaign between all the companies, brands and institutions that trust us from India and Spain - as a wake-up call to the whole planet. The campaign will be monitored "in streaming" and uploaded to Social Networks through the platform The International Green Initiative. We want you to be part of this great revolution.


Education is the frst step in becoming aware of living in harmony with nature. Children are the future of our world, and we think it is our responsibility to guarantee them a habitable planet. From this premise we work with educational centres that have special relevance in educating future generations in an ethical and healthy lifestyle. To put these objectives into practice we have developed a series of collaborative activities to initiate a change towards a sustainable textile industry. Helping institutions implement educational projects is part of our philosophy, and for this reason we offer totally free Ecology / Recycling and Natural Dye workshops. We propose the month of May, because it is the month of recycling.

Natural Dyes Workshop: From an inclusive, play-oriented and educational perspective, our professionals will teach students the simple and surprising art of dyeing with vegetables and ingredients found in our kitchens, such as onion peel. This is an artistic experience as well as an introduction to recycling.

"Recycled Art" Workshop: Conceived as a means of prevention of waste generation and recycling. The purpose of this workshop is to involve children in the values of recycling as well as the possibilities of artistic exploration by transforming a disused textile product into another object of everyday use. Participation is fundamental: children will bring in disused garments, and we will teach them how to transform them.

Renew, Recycle, Save: Campaign to collect cotton textiles. One of the main problems with recycling plants is the separation of some fibres from others. Clearly identifying the diferent waste products as well as facilitating the recycling tasks has an extraordinary educational power. We plan to organize a campaign to collect old garments, made of cotton, as part of the textile recycling workshop. This is a good way to introduce this concept, and at the same time to enter the world of textile fibres.

We will take care of the collection of garments and explain to the students the diferent processes. Once the collection process is fnished we will send the garments to a spinning factory so that they can make new recycled cotton products and thus actively contribute towards the objectives of sustainable development.


For companies to offer good working conditions to their workers is important. When a company promotes the use of organic and sustainable work clothes they take care of the health of their workers, save resources by backing higher quality and durable products and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Renew, Recycle, Save: optimize resources.

Our priority is to establish solid relationships with our customers by providing them with the best quality and durable garments that guarantee efficient consumption. Working collaboratively we lead the change towards sustainability by respecting nature and biodiversity. Together we create the companies of the future.

To help companies in this efficient consumption strategy and meet sustainability objectives, we have developed a circular collaboration strategy incorporating a Service Subscription for the replacement of garments and the collection of old ones for processing and recycling. Companies can beneft from a discount of 15% of the value of our garments by adopting a nominal replacement subscription of 6/12 months, or 10% between 13/24 months. At no cost to the company, at the time of delivery of its new products we will collect our old garments to process them in recycling plants and turn them into new fabrics – and in this way close the cycle of sustainability. This is a means of responsible consumption that does not generate textile waste and promotes life.


Fashion, as well as being a form of artistic and cultural expression, fulflls specifc functions of protecting the skin, our biggest organ. The clothes we use describe our personality, our state of mind, and are an extension of ourselves; but what happens when these garments damage our health, seriously affect our eco-system and are responsible for human rights violations? This, in addition to being unsustainable, is a great incoherence. Beauty – art - is not built on sufering.

Together we are the change:
Fashion, because of its impact and repercussion, can be the most powerful tool for the change we need in our world, if we work together by promoting sustainability, its implantation in society will have no limits. Imagine a world where you live in coherence with your natural cycles and where human rights are respected. Fashion has no limits; it can represent positive change for a better world.

BIOCRACIA is based on care of the Earth and the hands that work it. Our 100% organic fabrics are dyed with medicinal plants and are a new way of understanding the textile industry, based on the founding principles of ecology, ethics and sustainability.

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