“To believe something possible is to make it true”

Over the past 20 years, global clothing production has increased by 60% by relocating production to countries with much lower labour and environmental costs. This model has allowed the textile industry not to increase its prices proportionally - like other consumer products - but at an alarming environmental, social and health cost for the producing countries.



According to the India government’s ofcial statistics it is estimated that every 41 minutes a farmer commits suicide because they are unable to face their economic debts derived from the imposition of the cultivation of transgenic cotton.

On the other hand, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are responsible for numerous deaths from poisoning of both farmers and their families.

The new generation of farmers are being forced to leave the countryside due to the economic pressures placed on them by the conventional textile industry. This has left a trail of deserted lands and populations without resources, which are condemned to disappear.


Increasing consumption of organic cotton guarantees farmers fair prices and economic independence. Farmers need to be allowed to save seeds from one harvest and use them in another. The cultivation of organic cotton, free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, protects the health of farmers in addition to reducing any extra economic burden.

At BIOCRACIA, we are committed to all the workers who are involved in the process of producing our organic garments, and we personally assure ourselves that they receive fair wages. We guarantee that all our suppliers have good working conditions and we subsidize labour and training initiatives to increase skills and improve development opportunities.



The textile industry is responsible for 20% of the toxins that are dumped into the water and more than 10,000 chemicals agents that are mostly untreated or very difcult to treat.

The complex composition of synthetic dyes means that they take more than 200 years to decompose.

25% of the World Carbon Footprint comes from the textile industry, especially from the washing processes.

A simple synthetic garment contains more than 1,900 plastic microfibres that are released in each wash or in contact with the skin.


Organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere by 92.5%. The fertile soils require much less water consumption while preserving the reserves of the countries.

Buying organic clothes makes us part of an authentic ecological revolution in the fight against climate change.

The residual water of garments dyed with plants can be used to cultivate the soil, because it is biodegradable, and it optimizes its use. Therefore, using organic garments dyed with vegetable dyes protects the ecosystem and is the seed of a sustainable future.



It is estimated that there are more than 40 million workers in the global textile industry, most with salaries of $ 3 per day, which is totally insufcient to survive. Abuse, over-exploitation and the violation of human rights are regular occurrences for workers in these factories, who are subjected to the pressures of our market - whose sole purpose is to reduce costs.

Exposure to chemicals from workers in textile factories causes lung, brain, nose cancer, etc ... in addition to respiratory and skin diseases.


At BIOCRACIA, we are committed to all the workers who are involved in the process of producing our organic garments, and we personally assure ourselves that they receive fair wages.

We ensure that all our suppliers have GOTS/ OEKOTEX and FAIR TRADE certifcation. Equally we collaborate with NGOs that subsidize labor initiatives and training to increase staf skills and improve development opportunities.

We are committed to redistributing wealth and the circular economy as pillars of a just and sustainable society.



Allergies and skin problems are increasingly common among consumers of clothes that have been dyed and treated with artifcial chemicals; especially undergarments.

In 20 years the average consumption of clothing has increased by 60% by companies relocating production to developing countries with weak or inexistent labour and environmental laws.


We manufacture 100% biodegradable products dyed with medicinal plants that are used in treatments of many diseases because they take care of the health of people and their environment.

We have developed a system of business transparency based on the participatory and plural UN Sustainable Development Goals where our customers can see how we carry out all the manufacturing processes of our garments.

BIOCRACIA is based on care of the Earth and the hands that work it. Our 100% organic fabrics are dyed with medicinal plants and are a new way of understanding the textile industry, based on the founding principles of ecology, ethics and sustainability.

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