“Beauty is the smile of truth when she sees her own face in a perfect mirror”

We are passionate about fashion, which is why we believe that a beautiful garment is not just about the fnal product, but the beauty in the whole process of its creation. We believe that by using the best raw materials and helping local producers revitalize a part of Spanish industry we can give new meaning to fashion from an ethical and sustainable perspective.

We combine traditional textile techniques from India with a modern perspective to give our garments both authenticity and a unique style. We pay special attention to the pattern and focus on the quality of the final product rather than just "passing trends"; because a perfect silhouette is a trend in itself, and maximizes its use. We find pleasure in well-made clothes, that are designed and put together without haste, taking care of the details, and always looking to give the best of ourselves.

BIOCRACIA is based on care of the Earth and the hands that work it. Our 100% organic fabrics are dyed with medicinal plants and are a new way of understanding the textile industry, based on the founding principles of ecology, ethics and sustainability.

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