The organic farming method is based on three fundamental principles: care of the land, the ecosystem and the people who inhabit it.
By not using genetically modifed seeds farmers can use the seeds obtained during the harvest for the next season; providing them with resources to support their families. The production of organic cotton does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers that put farmers and their families at risk. It helps maintain the biodiversity of the area and prevents serious pollution of the waters.

Organic farming uses rotation systems that diversifes crops, and generates alternative sources of income for farmers. Likewise, the richness of the soil is recovered by combating desertifcation, saving more than 218 litres of water per year and restoring the biodiversity of the adjoining areas.
These practices reduce by 92.5% greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which represents an authentic ecological revolution in the fight against climate change.

BIOCRACIA is based on care of the Earth and the hands that work it. Our 100% organic fabrics are dyed with medicinal plants and are a new way of understanding the textile industry, based on the founding principles of ecology, ethics and sustainability.

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